Journal Paper

Year Journal
2018 P.J. Huang / C.-H. Wei,The role of molecular breast imaging for diagnosis of nonpalpable lesions in dense breasts,Breast Journal,24(4),SCIE
2016 C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo,Identification and segmentation of obscure pectoral muscle in mediolateral oblique mammograms,British Journal of Radiology,89,SCI
2016 C.-Y. Gwo / C.-H. Wei,Shoeprint retrieval: Core point alignment for pattern comparison,Science & Justice,56(5),SCIE
2016 A.-W. Deng / C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo,Stable, fast computation of high-order Zernike moments using a recursive method,Pattern Recognition,56,SCI
2016 C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / P.J. Huang,,Using Two Layers of BI-RADS Features for Locating Similar Calcification Lesions,Current Medical Imaging Reviews,12(3),SCIE
2015 C.-Y. Gwo / C.-H. We / Y. Li/N. Chiu,Reconstruction of Banknote Fragments Based on Keypoint Matching Method,Journal of Forensic Sciences,60(4),SCI
2014 C.-Y. Gwo/ A. Gwo/ C.-H. Wei/ P.J. Huang,Identification of breast contour for nipple segmentation in breast magnetic resonance images,Medical Physics,41(2),SCI
2013 C.-Y. Gwo / C.-H. Wei / Y. Li,,Rotary matching of edge features for leaf recognition,Computers and Electronics in Agriculture,91,SCIE
2013 C.-Y. Gwo and C.-H. Wei,Plant Identification Through Images: Using Feature Extraction of Key Points on Leaf Contours,Applications in Plant Sciences,1(11),SCI
2013 C.-Y. Gwo, C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / P.J. Huang,Detection and construction of chest wall on breast magnetic resonance images,European Journal of Radiology,82(4),SCIE
2013 C.-H. Wei, Y. Li / C.-Y. Gwo,The use of scale-invariance feature transform approach to recognize and retrieve incomplete shoeprints,Journal of Forensic Sciences,58(3),SCI
2012 C.-H. Wei / S.Y Chen / X. Liu,,Mammogram retrieval on similar mass lesions,Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine,106(3),SCI
2012 C.-H. Wei / P.J. Huang / Y. Li,Content-based mammogram retrieval: Extraction of BI-RADS features for breast tumors and calcifications,The Breast Journal,18(5),SCIE
2012 C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / P.J. Huang / C.-Y. Gwo / S.E. Harms,Estimation of breast density: An adaptive moment preserving method for segmentation of fibroglandular tissue in breast magnetic resonance images,European Journal of Radiology,81(4),SCIE
2011 C.-H. Wei / S.Y Chen / X. Liu,Mammogram retrieval through machine learning within BI-RADS standards,Journal of Biomedical Informatics,44(4),SCI
2009 C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / W.Y. Chau / C.-T. Li,Trademark image retrieval: Using synthetic features for describing global shape and interior structure of trademark,Pattern Recognition,42(3),SCI

Conference paper

Year Title
2017 Chia-Hung Wei / Dapeng Zhang, Yue Li / Wei Wang,Fine-grained categorization based on feature selection”,The 8th International Conference on Mechatronics and Manufacturing (ICMM 2017), Tokyo, Japan, 2017,,Japan
2017 Chia-Hung Wei / Shang-Wen Liu / Hsio-Yi Lin,,The Use of Zernike Moments and Principal Component Analysis for Trademark Retrieval,The International Conference on Business and Information 2017 (BAI2017),,Japan
2016 Chia-Hung Wei / Chih-Ying Gwo,,Using mean-shift clustering and statistical analysis for breast mass segmentation and category,The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Technology & Application (ICETA2016),,Japan
2015 C.-H. Wei / C.-Y Gwo / Y. Li,A framework of breast density estimation system for breast magnetic resonance images,International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering 2015 (ICISCE 2015),,China
2015 C.-Y. Gwo / C.-H. Wei / A.-W. Deng,Matching of feature points for moneynote fragment assembly,International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering 2015 (ICISCE 2015),,China
2015 A.-W. Deng / C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo,Algorithms for computing Zernike moments and image reconstruction in parallel process,International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering 2015 (ICISCE 2015),,China
2014 C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo,Alignment of core point for shoeprint analysis and retrieval,Information Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ISEEE 2014),,Japan
2013 D.-H. Chen / Y.-C., Chang / C.-H. Wei / P.-J. Huang,The correlation analysis between breast density and cancer risk factor in breast MRI images,International Symposium on Biometrics and Security Technologies (ISBST2013),,China
2012 W. Wang / C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / L. Wang,An affinity based complex artificial immune system and its application on trademark retrieval,International Conference on Management and Information Engineering 2012,,China
2012 W. Wang / C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo / Y. Wang,An adaptive SIFT-based paper currency fragments identification scheme,The 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development,,China
2012 W. Wang / C.-H. Wei / L. Zhang / X. Wang,Traffic-Signs Recognition System Based on Multi-Features,Proceedings of 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications,,China
2012 P.-J. Huang /J.-M. Chang / C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / C.-Y. Gwo,Should breast density be considered when designing breast cancer screen policy,The 20th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services,,Taiwan
2011 Z. Li / C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / T.-Y. Sun,Research of shoeprint image stream retrieval algorithm with scale-invariance feature transform,The 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT2011),,China
2011 W. Wang / C.-H. Wei / Y. Li,A complex artificial immune system and its application on trademark recognition,Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Instrumentation, Measurement,,China
2011 Y. Li and C.-H. Wei,Hierarchical correlation for content-based image retrieval,Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT2011),,China
2011 Y. Li / C.-H. Wei,Medical image retrieval: Multiple regression models for user’s search target,Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC 2011),,China
2007 Y. Li / C.-T. Li / C.-H. Wei,Protection of mammograms using blind steganography and watermarking,Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Information Assurance and Security 2007 (IAS2007),,UK
2007 C.-H. Wei / Y. Li / C.-T. Li,Effective extraction of Gabor features for adaptive mammogram retrieval,Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo 2007 (ICME2007),,China
2006 C.-H. Wei / C.-T. Li,Learning pathological characteristics from user’s relevance feedback for content-based mammogram retrieval,Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2006 (ISM2006),,USA
2006 C.-H. Wei / C.-T. Li,Calcification descriptor and relevance feedback learning algorithms for content-based mammogram retrieval,Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Digital Mammography 2006 (IWDM2006),,UK
2005 C.-H. Wei / C.-T. Li / R. Wilson,A general framework for content-based medical image retrieval with its application to mammogram retrieval,Proceeding of SPIE International Symposium on Medical Imaging 2005 (MI2005),,USA


Year Book
2013 C.-H. Wei / C.-Y. Gwo,Modern Library Technologies for Data Storage, Retrieval, and Use
2012 C.-H. Wei, Y. Li / C.-Y. Gwo,Multimedia Storage and Retrieval Innovations for Digital Library Systems
2011 C.-H. Wei / Y. Li,Machine Learning Techniques for Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval

Research project

Unit Project Start Date Role
科技部 澤尼克動量於模式辨識效能之研究 2016/08/1 主持人
科技部 以群集分析方法辨識乳房腫塊並根據百瑞(BI-RADS)形態標準進行特徵抽取之研究 2015/08/1 主持人
教育部 光收發模組失焦影像校正之技術研發 2015/06/1 主持人
國立台灣科技大學 以圖例為檢索依據的乳房腫瘤影像搜尋引擎 2015/01/01 主持人
科技部 使用非顯影的乳房磁振造影影像計算乳房緻密度建立乳房緻密度曲線以辨識乳癌高危險群 2014/08/01 主持人


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